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catandtonicnz asked: I was so sad to see you've left xovain SO I was mega happy to come across your blog! Now my Annie worship can continue from afar. Love your work xx

Thanks this isn’t Annie Kreighbaum, but if you like her she’s on Into The Gloss now.¬†

clitina asked: did you like ut should i go there. is austin shitty; are there nice&pretty people who don't suck

I was a PR major, which was stupid. Anything else and you’d probably be golden. Austin is not shitty, there are nice and pretty people who don’t suck everywhere if you keep your eyes open.

havingstuff asked: Vain is so corny without you.

that’s a bummer¬†


Ren Hang

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nice-things asked: Annie, will you please share your skincare routine? I know you're a MB fan but what else do you layer on day and night to get that ultra babely glow? So glad you're still writing - thoroughly enjoy all of your pieces x

Hi! I’ve been diagnosed with “sensitive skin” — it’s not happy right now bc I’ve been on and off birth control and not being nice to it. Lately I’ve been taking bc, removing makeup w bioderma, cleansing w olive oil/neutrogena naturals cleanser/Marie Veronique organics cleanser depending on how dry my skin is feeling. Then pat dry, spray w Evian and brush my teeth. Then embryolisse, and mb rose hip oil. I’m ALL ABOUT rms uncover up for concealer. Then rms living luminizer. I’ve been playing around w all sorts of blushes but like nars guy bourdin palette. Then that’s pretty much it. If I’m really flakey I exfolikate and do a mb whitening or rose hips mask— both very moisturizing. Anyway, I can tell my skin is happier just in the past month. But I’m starting Somme today so ill keep you updated.

brotectorate asked: ur fuckin cool okay like real cool hella more than those nasty people

!! You cool 2

I’m eating rigatoni w meatballs right now